Daytime is a utility for linux and freebsd (possibly other unix) that can set the system clock from SNTP, daytime, time and HTTP servers. It can also act as an SNTP server or SNTP broadcaster.


daytime is made available under the Gnu Public License version 3, and comes with no warranties or guarentees.


Daytime can connect to servers offering the daytime or time protocols (both now obsolete, but previously available as inetd built-in services) or HTTP or SNTP, and set the system clock to the time expressed in these protocols.

SNTP is 'Simple Network Time Protocol', a cut-down version of NTP. This should allow daytime to work with standard NTP servers too, but please note that clock accuracy is daytime is lower than for a full NTP implementation, and is only currently accurate to a few seconds or so.

Daytime can also act as an SNTP server itself, or it can send unsoliticted SNTP broadcasts, allowing many devices on the same subnet to have their times set with a single broadcast packet.