Gngeo is an emulator for neo-geo arcade hardware, originally written by Mathieu Peponas. All I've done is made some changes to the latest version (0.8).


Gngeo is made of many parts, apparently under different open-source licences.


Gngeo is an emulator for neo-geo arcade hardware, created by Mathieu Peponas and added to by people over the years. This is my own fork, in which I've fixed some bugs in the last version (function keys now work again and a segfault on loading saved games is fixed) and have added the following features:

  • Per-game config files.
  • Specify config-file on command line.
  • "User messages" that can be displayed on screen (intended to provide a "crib" of game-moves onscreen, particularly for fighting games that have a lot of hcf-b,b,a sequences).
  • OSD font is now proportional.

I've made a number of changes to style of coding, with more strings being dealt with on the heap, rather than the stack, and with the elimination of a number of sscanfs and strcpys that might cause segfaults.