The Taking of IOSA 2083
I'll Never Find Another You
Inconstant Nature
Imaginary Enemies
Pink Ice in the Jovian Rings
All the Things We Gave You
Consequences of a Clockwork Theology
Love In A Time of Bio-Mal
The Unfortunate Necessity of Regular Upgrades
Exchanges in No Man's Land
The Uploaded
A Forgiveness of Wolves

End of the World

In the past I've written some science fiction. I've largely stopped doing that now because of bad experiences in the SF community, and because of the realization that the community is dominated by a political orthodoxy that can't be questioned, so it's unlikely anyone would publish anything I wrote now, since I would be seeking to challenge that orthodoxy. Even if an editor would publish me, I'm not sure I'd want them to, because of the shit they'd get for doing so. Of course, I could go to those publishers that are on the political 'other side', but they're even worse, so I don't want my name associated with them. Anyone who's been paying attention to the constant fighting in the community knows what I'm talking about. You can read a rant about my experiences here.

Still here is my published fiction (most of it) so far.