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End of the World

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Inconstant Nature

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This one was inspired by something I read in 'New Scientist', about how species were adapting to pollution and basically becoming new species. The core point of the story was to challenge the standard trope that "Status Quo is God". I felt that too often in science-fiction we see humans revert a situation to the status-quo that suits them, without considering what effect that might have on anyone else. When the Silurians or someone turn up and want to revert things to a state that's more suitable for them, that's BAD, but when we do it it's suddenly acceptable ('course this "it's acceptable when the target group is those people" is something a lot of people in SF seem to believe in one context or another).

This attitude even showed up in the comments the story got, with people accusing one character of being a Nazi, while in the same breath saying they liked the bees, the bees whose job was to turn the environment back into one suited for humanity at the cost of all the creatures that had learned to live under the 'new normal'. Yeah, right, when they do it, they're Nazis, when we do it, we're Progressives. Same as it ever was.