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One Thing that RequiresHate had Right

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Digging around on the internet to find some of the remaining evidence of RequiresHate's reign of terror, I found this.

I vaguely remember seeing her retweet this, or say it, under her 'RequiresHate' persona. Sounds so much like a different person, but I'm pretty sure it's her. Immediately you start thinking "Oh, this is before she was radicalized" or "this is before she met the others and got assimilated into the RequiresHate collective." And then you notice the date of this tweet, and realize you're just doing the Stockholm thing.

She's right of course, it's highly questionable to be selling western standards of beauty to Asia, even unintentionally so. I've heard of women in Asia having operations to make their eyes more western. I can accept the cosmetic industrial complex when it's able to claim it's helping people enhance what they have: after all, fashion does that, exercise does that, people have wanted to beautify themselves since they discovered woad. And, yeah, generally the finished product looks good to me. But holding up someone completely different to you as the image you should aspire to is dangerous.

But, this kind of issue just doesn't interest me any more. Every time I tried to stand beside someone over race or gender issues, I got these sharp stabbing pains in my back, or got the slow clap and told "Oh! You're beginning to get it, white man!". People only want support from you if you 'know your place', and I know my place is not standing beside people like that, they can get by without me. And there's a lot of bigger issues in the world. People are being slaughtered in the Middle East in wars that our governments started, and our countries are turning into police states, the working class are being quietly set up for serfdom, and we're worried about cosmetics models and the portrayal of women in video games.

Still, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.